Trees of any species, size or age can become victims of tree diseases at any time, but the good news is that many tree diseases can be addressed and reversed with proper, expert care. Rockoff Tree Solutions is happy to provide the best quality tree disease treatment services to homeowners and businesses in Texas.

The team of certified arborists at Rockoff Tree Solutions has a proven track record and extensive experience when it comes to handling different types of tree diseases. They are trained to identify and prescribe a program of care through their well-designed tree disease management program for the valuable trees on your property.

What Are The Common Types Of Tree Diseases In Texas?

Although there are several tree kinds of diseases in Texas, the most prevalent one is Oak wilt.

Oak wilt is a type of Oaks-specific disease caused by a fungus called Bretiziella fagacearum. The fungus is similar to yeast and it is transmitted along the vascular system in the tree sap. The disease gradually spreads through root grafts between the surrounding trees. The disease can also be transmitted by insects.

The potential damage or severity of Oak wilt infection largely depends on the species of your oak tree. While white oaks can survive for about 5 years after being affected, red oaks are more vulnerable and may die once affected.

What Are The Common Symptoms Of Oak Wilt?

The Oak wilt exhibits different symptoms as the disease progresses. At the early stage of infection, you will start noticing signs, including:

  • Leaf discoloration
  • Defoliation
  • Wilting

As the disease advances, the limbs will die off. You may also notice fungal mats developing under the bark, pushing the bark out and causing some cracks. If left untreated, the affected tree will die in no time. Not only that, the affected tree can transmit the disease to the surrounding trees, hereby wrecking greater havoc on your valuable assets.

How Can Rockoff Tree Solutions Help?

The team of certified arborists at Rockoff Tree Solutions specialize in managing diseases such as Oak wilt or Phytophthora Root Rot by expertly employing the Chemjet Tree Injector System. They can also diagnose other issues such as improperly planted or root girded trees and offer the most effective solutions to help them.

Need an expert to manage your tree’s disease? You can speak with one of their certified arborists at Rockoff Tree Solutions via their official website or call 830-955-0304.