Oak wilt is one of the major diseases that affect live oaks, especially members of the red oak family. Oaks are one of Texas’s most important natural resources and they cover vast areas of the region. The fungus that causes oak wilt can infect and destroy acres of this tree which is why many try to find a way to nip it in the bud early on.

Whatever disease management system that is used should be started in the early stages of the spread of the disease. This gives a higher chance of containing the disease and reduces the loss of trees to the disease.

Helpful Tips to Prevent and Control Oak Wilt

Controlling oak wilt requires professional help as it can be quite tricky, but there are some tips that can help every oak tree owner to stay ahead and informed, they include:

Identify the problem on time

This is the first step in controlling the disease and should be done accurately. There are a few subtle factors to pay attention to that give the disease away including leaf pattern, rate of tree mortality, and pattern of spread. For instance, all the leaves on the live oak and red oak tree are known to turn reddish-brown when the disease starts to take root. Paying attention to these cues could help to detect the disease early.

Create a buffer

The oak wilt disease is mostly transmitted through root spread between adjoining trees, and this usually accounts for the highest percentage of tree loss from this disease. To reduce this spread, a buffer needs to be created between the infected trees and the healthy ones by creating a trench.


Pruning usually produces a sap that attracts sap-feeding beetles. These beetles can then transport the spores of the fungus that cause oak wilt from tree to tree. Since these beetles are usually active during spring, it is advised not to prune live or red oak trees during that period.

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