If you live in Kerr, Bandera or Kendall County in Texas and have an oak tree on your property, then you might want to get in touch with a tree care expert near you for oak wilt management assessment. The recent assessments done by Rockoff Tree Solutions confirmed the presence of oak wilt fungus in Post oak, Monterrey oak, Chinquapin oak, Lacey oak and Burr oak in the tree aforementioned counties. Oak wilt is a serious disease that may cause irreversible damage to your tree or death if not detected and treated promptly.

What Is Oak Wilt?

Oak wilt is a type of oaks-specific disease caused by the fungus Bretiziella fagacearum. The fungus is similar to yeast and it is carried along the vascular system in the tree sap. It is spread through root grafts between surrounding trees and by insects.

The severity of the infection largely depends on the species of your oak tree. Red oaks are particularly susceptible to the disease with only a slight hope of survival once infected. The infection causes leaf discoloration, defoliation and death within a short period of time.

However, white oaks can survive many years. White oaks have cells in the wall of the sap-vessels that react to disease by producing gum-filled enlargements which then clog the vessels. This possibly may be a defense mechanism by the tree to control the spread of the fungus. But most times, the tree eventually succumbs to the disease and dies.

What Are The Common Symptoms Of Oak Wilt?

The symptoms tend to become more serious as the infection progresses. At the initial stage, the fungus will be browning the tree leaves starting from the leaf tip and moving downward and inward toward the stem.

As the disease advances, the limbs will die off. You may also begin to notice fungal mats developing under the bark, pushing the bark out and causing some cracks. If left untreated, the tree will die within a matter of months.

What Can You Do To Save Your Tree?

It is highly risky to ignore common symptoms of oak wilt infection such as broken limbs, leaf abnormalities and pest infestation. Oak wilt fungus can leave your tree irreversibly damaged, incurably diseased or permanently dead. Therefore, it is important to get in touch with an experienced arborist near you for an oak wilt management assessment. This will enable you to restore the health of your trees and boost their resistance against diseases and infections.

Where To Find The Best Local Arborist That Offer Oak Wilt Management Assessment

Considering the seriousness of the fungus, it is important that you hire the best local arborist to handle the job. One of the best tree care services that provide reliable oak wilt management assessment and treatment in Kerr, Bandera and Kendall counties is Rockoff Tree Solutions. Tree care experts at Rockoff Tree Solutions are certified arborists with many years of experience serving homeowners and businesses in the area. For expert assistance with oak wilt management assessment and treatment, visit their official website or call 1.830. 955. 0304.