The amount of care you provide to your tree determines its strength, shape and how long it will last. A well cared for tree has many benefits such as improving your home’s curb appeal, increasing your home’s value and reducing hazards on your property. There are several ways to care for your trees.

While it can be tempting to want to do it all by yourself, it is less likely you will get the best results, especially if you don’t have the experience and tools required to get the job done. It’s best to turn to a professional tree service expert.

Rockoff Tree Solutions is a Fredericksburg arborist servicing residents throughout Fredericksburg, TX and the surrounding areas. The company offers quality preventative tree care services that keep your trees in top conditions year round.

The expert is an ISA Certified Arborist, and is properly equipped to complete your tree care services as safely as possible, on-time and on-budget. If you want to learn more about their services, or want to request for a free estimate, call an expert at 1.830.955.0304.

Pro Tips To Keep Your Trees Safe and Healthy

Choose The Right Trees

Tree care starts with the tree you select for planting. It’s crucial to pick the right tree for the right place. This means, you have to consider how tall and wide the tree will be when it is mature, its shape, and whether the tree will lose its leaves in the winter. You can consult with your local arborist to guide you on the tree selection process.

Prune When Necessary 

Pruning is the practice of removing specific portions of a tree such as branches that are dead, dying or overgrown. When done correctly, pruning can optimize your tree health and improve their shape. This also helps prevent damage by reducing sudden breakage or accidental collisions. The best time to prune is in winter when trees are in their dormancy stage. But early spring pruning is also possible.

Inspect For Disease Or Pest Infestation

Although trees are generally strong and can be fine with little or no human efforts, they are also not immune to attacks from disease. While tree disease could be inevitable, early detection can help prevent damage or death. Experts recommend routine tree inspection as an effective way to keep your tree under surveillance.

Prioritize Mulching 

Weeds compete with the tree for water and nutrients. Mulching helps to enrich the soil and improve your tree growth. Experts recommend applying organic mulch over tree roots, two to 4 inches deep under the crown.

If you need help with keeping your tree healthy in Fredericksburg, call 1.830.955.0304