One of the effective ways to enhance the curb appeal and value of your property is keeping your trees in healthy shape. Trees, if left uncared for, can become a huge mess and turn your home or business into an unsightly space. Things can get pretty bad fast if your trees are plagued by diseases, especially oak wilt disease. If not promptly and properly managed, oak wilt tree disease can spread to other trees on your property fast. It is best to limit its spread because oak wilt diseases cannot be cured, so you definitely don’t want it near your other healthy trees.

What Is Oak Wilt Disease?

Oak wilt is a serious and fast-spreading disease that affects oak trees and leaves them in a bad state. It is caused by the fungus Bretziella fagacearum. Oak wilt affects the vascular system of the oak tree, stopping it from getting adequate supply of water and nutrients. If not well managed, it can eventually kill the tree.

 It is important to note that although both red and white oak species are both susceptible to oak wilt, the red oak gets hit harder and can die soon after getting infected while white oaks develop symptoms slowly and usually recover.

Oak Wilt Signs and Symptoms

If you notice that your oak trees appear diseased and you aren’t sure if they are suffering from oak wilt or not, here are certain signs and symptoms to look out for in your tree. It is important to note that symptoms can vary, depending on the oak species. Below are the signs an infested red oak usually shows:

  • Discoloration of leaves
  • Complete leaf drop that occurs by mid summer
  • Suckering at the base of the tree
  • Wilted or curled leaves
  • Eventual death
  • Dead crowns (upper portions of the trees)

Although white oaks may show similar symptoms, the positive thing about them is that they are usually slow to spread and remain localized on individual branches, which make them easier to manage.

Managing the Disease

Effective Oak wilt management requires expertise and experience. When it comes to oak wilt disease, the best solution is prevention because there is no cure for it. There are preventive treatments that can be applied to keep your oak trees healthy. However, if you have trees that have already been infected, they should be removed and destroyed immediately to prevent it from spreading to other trees. It is important to break the root grafts before removing the infected tree, this is where you will need professional machinery.In addition, fungicide injections can be applied by an expert. This preventive treatment should be inserted into the tree’s trunk and must be repeated seasonally.

For proper management and prevention of oak wilt disease, you should use the services of a tree care professional. One of the best Oak Wilt Disease Experts in Kerrville TX is Rockoff Tree Solutions. If your trees are looking sick and you need an expert tree care service, visit their official website or call 1.830.955.0304 to schedule an appointment.