The team at Rockoff Tree Solutions understands the value of a Texas tree. With a wide variety of species of trees, Texas enjoys the beautiful resource that a healthy tree can be. Offering superior service and personal dedication to their clients, Rockoff Tree Solutions promotes the health of trees, and strives to assist their clients in caring for their trees and shrubs.

Committed to working with each client, the team at Rockoff Tree Solutions offers their expertise in managing many diseases including Oak wilt or Phytophthora Root Rot. Due to the fact that all oaks are at risk of contracting oak wilt, the arborists at Rockoff Tree Solutions understand that diagnosing and treating these types of diseases are a priority. Highly trained and dedicated to their work, Rockoff Tree Solutions is able to diagnose a variety of harmful tree diseases. In addition, the skilled arbor experts have the knowledge and the experience to identify other potential problems such as improperly planted or root girdled trees.

Once identified, the specific concerns can be addressed, and Rockoff Tree Solutions is able to perform the necessary techniques and treatments needed to help each tree. With a devout commitment to protecting trees, the full-service arboricultural services company works to help their clients’ trees to thrive. As the only arborists ever to identify oak wilt in Texas on Post Oak, Monterrey Oak, Lacey Oak in Kerrville, Gillispie, and Kendall Counties, the company works to protect the trees of Texas and to keep them healthy and strong.

We received great information from Rockoff Tree Solutions,” explains Donna W. of her experience with the company, “We have treated our trees in a high Live Oak decline area. So far, our trees are doing well while trees near our property are still dying.”

Serving the Kerrville, Tx area, Rockoff Tree Solutions recognizes that local trees are a valuable asset, and should be given superior care. Offering quality service and personal dedication to their clients, they help their customers to care for and promote the health of their trees, ensuring longevity and well-being. Dedicated to working with and educating their clients from urban landscapes to hill country ranches, Rockoff Tree Solutions is a complete Oak Wilt service company. Rockoff Tree Solutions is committed to protecting and promoting healthy trees in order allow them to thrive.

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