Trees and shrubs are essential parts of the ecosystem. They provide shade, protection, and shelter for humans and wildlife, as well as purify the air by filtering pollutants and releasing oxygen to support life. Not only are trees one of nature’s most important resources, healthy trees can also be a valuable asset that enhances your property’s value. For these reasons, it is worth investing in the health care of your trees. Rockoff Tree Solutions provides professional tree health care service to Boerne, TX, Residents.

For decades, Rockoff Tree Solutions has partnered with homeowners and businesses to support growth and survival of healthy, strong and beautiful trees. Rockoff Tree Solutions prides itself as a customer-focused company with a proven track record of excellent service delivery. The arborists at the company are well trained, properly equipped and vastly skilled to handle all of your tree care needs in Texas.

Why Get Professional Plant Care?

Tree service specialists can be likened to medical doctors. They play important roles in the health and wellness of your trees. While there are some tree works you can handle on your own, it takes expertise and experience to know the right treatment that your trees need at every point in time. For example, wounds or inappropriate cuts on the tree can lead to infections, injuring or even killing the tree. Professional tree care workers have the training and are better equipped to keep your trees safe and healthy.

What Tree Health Care Services Does Rockoff Tree Solutions Provide?

  • Invasive Species Treatments
  • Trunk Injections
  • Insect and Disease Management
  • Root Crown Excavation
  • Soil Analysis
  • Oak Wilt Treatment

About Rockoff Tree Solutions

Rockoff Tree Solutions is a licensed and certified tree care company serving customers in and around Boerne, Texas. Rockoff Tree Solutions has close to three decades experience catering to the needs of trees on residential and commercial property. Over the years, the company has built a reputation for being a reliable company with strong commitment to the highest customer satisfaction. With decades of experience in the tree care industry, rest assured you will be in great hands with your trees. For more information, you can visit their  official website or call: 1.830.955.0304.