Oak wilt is a disease caused by the fungus Bretiziella fagacearum that is specific to oaks. The disease is spread through root grafts between neighboring trees and by insects. 

Red oaks are particularly more susceptible to oak wilt than white oaks. The infection causes leaf discoloration, defoliation and death within a short period of time, usually from two months to one year. Seeking early oak wilt treatment can save your tree and restore it to the pre-infestation condition.

Oak Wilt Management Solutions In Texas

There are generally four approaches to managing oak wilt infection in Texas. Successful control often depends on an integrated program incorporating measures from all the four approaches.

Preventing New Infections

Sometimes, property owners are not aware that their tree has come under oak wilt attack until the damage is irreversible. All infected red oaks that die should be removed and burned to prevent fungal mat that forms on these trees from spreading to uninfected trees.

Stopping Spread through Roots

The fungus is spread through root grafts. One of the ways to reduce root transmission of the disease is by trenching at least 4 ft deep with trenching machines, rock saws, or ripper bars. Proper placement of the trench is crucial to successful protection of uninfected trees.

Fungicide Treatment

As it stands, Propiconazole is the only fungicide that is scientifically tested and proven to be effective when applied before the infection. Fungicide is used as a preventive treatment to protect live oaks. Therapeutic injections can be helpful during the earliest stages of infection.

Diversify Your Landscape

Planting a variety of tree species can reduce the impact of the fungus on your tree. When doing this, it’s best to plant trees that are native to your local environment. Planting a wide selection of tree species is helpful in the fight and defense against future tree health issues.

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