Most residential and commercial property owners agree that healthy trees can offer many benefits. A healthy and well-maintained tree can provide shade, enhance the curb appeal of your home as well as increase the value of your home if you decide to put it for sale. 

Unfortunately, these inviting qualities can be threatened by circumstances that negatively affect the health and structural integrity of your trees.

Some of the telltale signs of hazardous or at-risk trees include:

  • Cracked or sagging branches
  • Visibly leaning truck
  • Splitting of the truck or separation at branch junctions
  • Visibly crackling under stress of snow
  • Abnormal swaying during high winds

In some cases where a trees’ health is threatened, removal is recommended. But instead of having your tree removed, the arborists at Rockoff Tree Solutions can help by providing support systems like tree bracing and tree cabling to protect your trees from dying or damaging your home.

Tree Cabling

Cabling is a form of support system provided to protect trees that have some type of structural defect or weakness which could worsen if strong winds push against the upper part or canopy of the tree. This typically involves installation of steel rods between major branches in the tree canopy. This way, swaying is minimized, while redistributing structural strength evenly to lessen the threat of potential damage during harsh weather like heavy wind, hailstorm or tornado.

Tree Bracing

Unlike cabling, tree bracing is primarily performed in the lower section of a tree rather than in the canopy area. Here, threaded steel rods are installed or inserted above and below a damaged or faulty area. The size and number of the rods required are determined by the extent of the damage and the estimated amount of weight that needs support. In most cases, tree bracing is applied together with tree cabling.

Talk to An Expert about Your Tree’s Health

Tree cabling and/or bracing provides a support system for your tree. Tree support systems not only provide added strength to your tree, they can also help broken and damaged trucks and branches heal before becoming dangerous to your property and family. If you notice any weak or hazardous trees on your property, call the expert at Rockoff Tree Solutions immediately. 

With years of experience spanning different areas of preventive and curative tree care, Rockoff Tree Solutions boasts of the expertise and skills to provide the right support systems to your trees and help you avert injury or destruction on your property. To learn more about their support systems and bracing service, call: 1.830.955.0304.