An excellent method to strengthen and supplement a tree, fertilization restores nutrients that the tree is failing to replace via natural sources. When soil is lacking the proper balance of nutrients, a tree will fail to maintain its health, eventually showing signs of decay. If a tree begins to decay, it’s a definite signifier that something is amiss, and lack of nutrients is a common culprit.

Urban and suburban trees tend to have chronic nutrient deficiency. Trees planted in inhabited areas often have their natural ecosystems disturbed, leading to nutrient sources being minimized or removed entirely. One common way that this is done is through the removal of fallen leaves, which if left, would decay, providing the tree with necessary nutrients over time.

It’s important to note when a tree begins to show signs of decay and to investigate the source of the problem. A lack of nutrients can have a big impact on tree health, and if decay is suspected, it’s best to have the soil tested. A tree that is low on nutrients may have specific characteristics, and it’s helpful to understand these signs in order to correct the problem.

A nutrient deficient tree may show various symptoms of weakness or decomposition. Green leaves that have changed color, leaves whose veins show much darker than the actual leaf itself, or leaves that are growing smaller than they usually do require investigation. Less twig growth signifies a nutrient problem, as do dead branches. A thriving, properly fed tree should continue to grow. Stunted growth is a sign that there is a problem. 

Fertilization provides a deficient tree with the nutrients it needs. Specific trees require specific fertilizers, and soil stats dictate how much and why types of fertilizer should be used. Before fertilizer can be applied, the tree should be examined, and the soil should be tested to discover the particulars required.

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