Why is Pruning So Important?

A lot of times many people think that pruning and trimming are the same things, but that isn’t the case. While both of them help improve the health and appearance of the tree, their functions are completely different. Tree pruning is something we provide in order to protect shrubs and trees, which involves removing leaves, twigs, and branches that are dead, unsteady, or infected with pests or disease. Trimming trees is a service that increases the growth of a tree and is used to remove excess leaves and branches that limit the amount of light and moisture that the tree gets.

While both are able to improve the health of trees, boosts the structure, and enhance the appearance, they both have their individual benefits. Pruning can extend the life of a tree, it minimizes tree disease, lowers insect and mite infestation, maximizes the growth of trees, and decreases the risk of property damage. Trimming can maximize air circulation and sun exposure, as well as train the shape of a tree. Trimming is usually recommended twice a year, whereas pruning is completed each year. No matter if you need tree pruning or tree trimming, each of them will benefit your tree.

A lot of landscaping and lawn companies talk about what they can do. They may not be insured with an arboriculture policy nor have the knowledge to properly care for trees. We have seen many trees that were improperly pruned, get sick and die. Make good decisions now about your trees and they will live long and strong. Make a bad decision about your trees and it will cost you more money and possibly the life of your tree

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