Why is Tree Fertilization So Important?

Fertilizer is one of the best things you can do for your trees. With fertilizers, you are able to restore nutrients that your soil is lacking. While tree fertilization is incredibly important to the growth and health of your tree, it’s pretty common for urban and suburban trees to have deficiencies. This is because leaves that have fallen from your trees are a great source of nutrients, but are typically removed. Without access to the nutrients from leaves, they have to find their nutrients elsewhere, which can be hard considering there are grass and other plants that also need nutrients. If you have dead branches or leaves that are yellow, you need to call us promptly.

Why You Might Need Tree Fertilization

Knowing when your tree might need fertilizer is important in order to keep it looking and growing like it should. There are a couple of signs that indicate that tree fertilization is needed:

  • The veins of the leaf are a lot darker than the actual leaf.
  • The leaves are growing a lot smaller than usual.
  • You are seeing less and less twig growth in your trees.
  • Leaves are yellow or another color other than green.
  • Dead branches
  • Your trees have stopped growing

When there isn’t adequate fertilization, it can stunt the growth of the tree, make it easier for tree disease, and hurt the overall health of your tree.

In order to have healthy trees, you need to start with proper tree maintenance. One of the best ways that our arborists are able to keep your trees looking good growing is with our tree fertilization service. We can take samples of your soil and determine what type of fertilizer is needed for your specific tree. To make an appointment with us today, just call our office at 830-955-0304! Don’t wait until your tree is really sick! You can get in contact with us whenever in order to get your tree the proper fertilization and tree services.

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