Soil compaction is one of the greatest risks that can impact the growth and health of trees. The process occurs when soil particles are tight and reduce pore space between them. Luckily, there is an efficient solution for this problem – spading trees.

In the tree maintenance industry, there are two ways of spading trees: air spading and hand digging. Air spade is a vital tool in tree care that uses compressed air to break up the soil quickly and efficiently.

With air spading in Kerrville, TX, by Rockoff Tree Solutions, you can loosen the compacted soil and expose tree roots. Uncovering the roots allows professional arborists to inspect for possible root damage and take the necessary steps to preserve your tree’s health.

The Benefits of Air Spading Trees

Air spading is an excellent alternative to hand digging. The compressed air spading tool delivers multiple benefits to arborists, gardeners, and homeowners in Kerrville, TX.

Saves Time

Tree spading saves a lot of time for arborists and homeowners. It makes it easier for lawn care specialists and homeowners to dig trees and break up compacted soil. Since air compressors power air spade tools, it takes less time for gardeners to spade trees and penetrate through various soil types.

Compared to hand digging, an air spade allows arborists to dig trees up to three times faster. If you have multiple trees on your lawn that require spading, you can significantly ease the process by using a specialized tool.

Avoid Root Damage

Roots are essential parts of the tree. To ensure your tree’s development progresses properly, you need a strong and healthy root system.

When digging trees, it is essential to be cautious to avoid root damage. With hand digging, you might compromise the root system, but you will minimize or completely avoid root deterioration with an air spading tool. In addition, the air excavation tool enables professional arborists to spade trees quickly and safely.

If you spade trees with picks, blades, and other tools when hand digging, you could also damage electrical cables, pipes, and utility lines. To save the root system and avoid unnecessary repairs and costs, consider air spading as a better alternative.

Ensures Effective Work

During soil aeration, it is advisable to break excess soil into tiny particles. Unfortunately, it is difficult and almost impossible to break rocky soils when hand digging. However, arborists and homeowners can count on practical work and excellent performance with innovative air spading tools.

In addition, air spading tools are portable, so you can relocate them to your lawn and complete the job quickly and successfully.

Provides Soil Compaction Relief

Soil compaction may appear due to high lawn traffic or construction activity around the tree’s roots. Whether due to frequent lawn maintenance activities, parked vehicles, lack of drainage, or construction work, your tree’s health is in danger and lacks nutrient flow. When left untreated, the problem may lead to stress, increased susceptibility to pests, and girdling roots.

Spading trees is an efficient solution due to effective loosening of the soil and ensuring rich nutrient flow. In addition, the process increases root respiration and allows the soil to drain quickly and effectively.

For Quality Air Spading, Depend on Rockoff Tree Solutions in Kerrville, TX

Taking care of your trees requires proper knowledge, skills, and equipment. If you don’t have the time or the tools, let the professionals from Rockoff Tree Solutions handle the work.

We excel in air spading and ensuring your tree’s roots are in healthy shape. Do you want to know more about soil aeration, compaction, or spading trees? Contact us at 830-955-0304.