Why is Propiconazole So Useful?

The Fungicide “Propiconazole” 14.3%MEC
How does it work?

A Sterol biosynthesis inhibitor

Sterols are essential compounds in the cells of all living organisms, components of cell membranes, and other important anatomical features. Propiconazole possesses systemic and some curative properties against certain diseases, it penetrates and trans-locates, preventing fungal cell development, formation and growth throughout the plant by inhibiting sterol biosynthesis
Propiconazole is absorbed into the fungus where its two modes of action attack fungal cells at several sites altering the cell, thereby inhibiting sulfur-containing enzymes and disrupting fungal energy production. It has preventive activity, is primarily active on mycelium with some anti-sporulate activity, and prevents spore germination.
The injection treatment is not a universal cure, however, it will extend the life of the tree, and is effective in inhibiting the disease in uninfected or newly infected trees. Designed for use on high-value trees in your landscape, trees should be selected for preventive treatment based on the risk of the disease pressure. The chemical residual in the tree is effective for about 18-24 months and preventive re-treatment should be considered and applied within the second and third year. Trees that were infected and are in a weakened condition should retreat the following year

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