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Arborist Harper, TX

When you want a professional and knowledgeable arborist in Harper, TX, Rockoff Tree Solutions can help and be a valuable resource. Oak wilt in Texas is a serious concern within our state and you need an experienced team of experts to help. We have the necessary certifications and experience necessary to get your trees back to health. Not every tree service company around practices tree health, oak wilt treatment, and overall in depth arborist services in the Harper area. Trees that are leaning, decaying, or showing the common symptoms of oak wilt and the usual tree diseases need to be assessed and cared for by a certified Arborist with vast experience in the industry. Trees are some of our most valuable resources and managing their health are of the utmost importance. Don’t leave your trees up to chance, if you have any questions and want to get the opinion of an arborist with decades of experience, call Rockoff Tree Solutions today at 830-955-0304.

Oak Wilt Treatment Harper, TX

If your trees are showing the signs of Oak Wilt in Harper Tx, get in contact with us here at Rockoff Tree Solutions early and as soon as you see the signs. It is a devastating tree disease that causes the death of oak trees at an increasing rate in Texas Hill Country and throughout the state. The disease can spread from tree to tree within the root systems, so if you have multiple trees within 50 to 100 feet of each other, and you see a tree in decay, call for a free risk assessment. Oak Wilt disease can kill a tree within a few months once infected. We can diagnose your trees with precision, act accordingly and get them back onto health. This way the rest of your trees won’t be at risk either.

About Rockoff Tree Solutions

Karen Rockoff is a certified arborist and started her operation in 1992 in Houston, TX. In 2009 she moved to Kerrville and in 2016 acquired oakwilt.com from a retiring Jim Rediker. Rockoff Tree Solutions has evolved into an honest and reliable company here in the hill country of Texas. With decades of experience in the tree care industry, rest assured you will be in great hands with your trees.

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