Oak Wilt Management

When it comes to Oak wilt, we are your first line of defense. We will diagnose the condition of the trees to determine if they have Oak wilt or are in imminent danger of becoming infected. Once we have diagnosed the trees, we will recommend injecting, either as preventative or therapeutic, using our Chemjet Tree Injection System. We can treat multiple trees in as little as a day without causing any damage to the landscape around the trees, unlike most macro injection systems where they have to air spade for the flare roots or girdle the bark on the tree to put in the taps. Our system uses an 11/64″ drill bit which is smaller than the 5/16″ or 13/64″ used in macro and we put in 1/3 as many holes in the tree which means fewer entry points for cankers or insects to use to enter the tree. We also seal the holes after removing the injectors to ensure the safety of the tree.

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