At Rockoff Tree Solutions, our arborists contend with oak wilt, pests, and other degenerative tree diseases on behalf of hundreds of Texas residents monthly. Whenever people see that their trees are starting to lean too heavily to one side, they begin to think about cutting them down until we educate them about tree cabling. So, if you’re looking for cost-effective tree service to save a beloved tree, our experts can answer, “Is tree cabling a good idea?”

Rockoff Tree Solutions is the leading tree branch support system provider in Texas. Tree cabling and bracing refer to only two of the many services we can offer you. If the branches and leaves of your tree start to get in your way, we can prune the tree, install other support systems, and should all else fail, conduct tree removal as part of a renovation process.

Who Needs Tree Cabling?

As some trees age, they grow massive branches that their increasingly weakened trunks can’t support. Their water and nutrient delivery systems become more inefficient, making poorly supported wood prone to snapping off and falling, creating a hazard for you, your guests, or your customers. Pine, willow, and oak trees are famous for growing thick branches more than 50 feet above the ground.

Many residents and business owners in Texas are arborists who don’t have the time, tools, and resources to climb up a tree and install heavy-duty cables to keep them from falling apart. Tall trees are a defining feature of the state as 9.9% of its land is under natural forest cover. Our tree maintenance experts are Texas natives with years of experience protecting private and public properties from tree death, brush fires, and damage from falling branches.

Thousands of property owners in the state need cable installation today, but they won’t know it or act until it’s too late. Hiring a professional arborist to check the health of the trees near your home or place of business periodically is highly recommended by real estate agents and home care experts. You will save yourself from physical injury, along with your cars, commercial and residential structures, and outdoor installations.

Can Tree Cabling Save My Tree?

Our professionals use tree cabling to stabilize old and overgrown trees when they can’t support their weight any longer. Unfortunately, we can’t use the procedure to keep unhealthy trees intact and pest-ridden trees from losing branches and sections of their trunks. Tree cabling offers a long-term solution to counter the possibility of property damage from storms and heavy winds due to falling branches, but we only use it on healthy trees.

Tree cabling will allow a tree to allocate sufficient water and nutrients to weak branches. More branches mean more leaves that can photosynthesize and make the tree healthier. Tree cabling will minimize the growth of weak branches, which can save you thousands of dollars in home and vehicle repair costs.

Is Tree Cabling a Good Idea?

Inefficient branches represent one of the most prevalent structural issues of mature trees in Texas. Let’s look at three reasons why tree cabling is a good idea.

Risk Mitigation

We train our professionals to spot structural issues during regular inspections, like cracks, splits, and co-dominant branches. When a tree starts to lean, develops a split in its trunk, or grows in a V shape, we brace it early, so it can continue living without harming anybody.


We use tree cabling and bracing to restore trees that sustained damage from renovation work, weather events, and extreme temperatures.


Trees will always follow the direction of sunlight, and sometimes that may lead them to grow into pools, sheds, and decks. We use cabling to grow young trees in architecturally favorable directions.

Call the Tree Cabling Experts Today

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