This Pistache tree was diagnosed in early June of 2022. It was suffering from several issues. It was planted below grade on a mound covered with weed fabric and crushed granite. It is also suffering from root rot. Soil excavation was necessary to expose the flare roots, which were grown over the wire basket it was left in when planted. We knew this when we saw the ropes from the basket handles sticking out of the roots (as you can see in the second picture). We injected the tree with Potassium phosphite to kill the root rot,  performed minor root surgery, soil drenched with our blend of organic nutrients and back filled with mulch. This was all done on the 17th of June. The last picture was taken July 7th and the difference can be seen in just a few weeks. This tree will still need to be cared for to insure it recovers and lasts many more years but because we took swift action its chances have now greatly increased.