Most homeowners want their exterior properties to look their best throughout the year. One of the best ways to keep your property in tip-top shape year-round is to hire a certified arborist to maintain your lot. However, many Boerne, TX, residents don’t understand how many benefits certified arborists provide.

That’s why Rockoff Tree Solutions put together some prevalent benefits of certified arborists.

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Top Four Benefits of Certified Arborists

ISA-certified arborists are high-trained tree care professionals that shape trees and maintain their well-being. They receive a certificate from the International Society of Arboriculture after completing rigorous exams in the field of arboriculture. They provide numerous benefits to homeowners and can make their dream landscape a reality.

Below are some prevalent benefits of working with a certified arborist.

1. Optimal Results

Certified arborists understand the best approach to each tree care project. They use expert techniques to prune, remove, and maintain trees of varying sizes and weights. They also know which soil amendments work best for each tree variety and provide optimal results every time they visit your property.

2. Heightened Safety

Pruning and tree removal are exceedingly dangerous, especially if you don’t have the proper tools or experience. However, certified arborists understand the risks and take every precaution necessary to ensure safe and efficient service. They utilize professional safety equipment and pruning techniques to ensure falling limbs, branches, or trees land away from other workers and surrounding buildings.

Attempting tree removal or top pruning without the correct gear can cause significant injuries and even death. Always contact a professional tree service with certified arborists to handle strenuous jobs like tree removal, topping, or pruning.

3. Extensive Knowledge of Tree Care and Health

Trees are incredibly complex and require specific nutrients, watering frequencies, and more to grow and thrive. Although homeowners might understand basic tree care, they don’t have extensive knowledge like certified arborists.

Certified arborists know all the ins and outs of trees and understand how much water and nutrients a tree needs to flourish. They can also teach homeowners proper tree care to ensure their trees remain pristine throughout the year.

4. Can Diagnose and Treat Diseases and Pests

Trees are prone to numerous diseases and pest infestations that jeopardize their well-being. If you don’t identify these issues swiftly, they will spiral out of control and eventually kill the tree.

However, certified arborists can identify and treat pest issues and diseases while nurturing the tree back to health. They understand the best treatments for every situation and can provide the nutrients the tree needs to heal and grow. If a tree suffers from pests, certified arborists will eradicate them and take measures to prevent future infestations.

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