Trees tend to cope even in the harshest conditions. As a result, most people take tree maintenance for granted. Since trees also need a helping hand to stay in top shape, knowing how to maintain a healthy tree puts you in a better position to take care of the trees in your yard. 

As top-rated providers of arborist services in Boerne, we’ll highlight several tree maintenance tips every tree owner should know. 

1. Plant the Right Tree  

Not every tree will survive or thrive in your area. Choosing a species well-adapted to your local climate, soils, and conditions will ensure you get years of enjoyment from any tree. Seek advice from your local tree experts on the best trees for your yard.  

2. Water Properly  

Every tree needs a sufficient supply of water for survival. While mature trees may require watering only during periods of drought, young trees need regular watering to sustain themselves before their root systems develop.  

When watering your trees, remember to water deep enough to saturate the entire root zone.   

3. Mulch  

Mulch conserves moisture, regulates temperature levels, reduces weeds, and improves soil texture. Apply a few inches of organic mulch, not too much, under the tree’s canopy to keep it healthy and looking its best.   

4. Fertilize When Needed  

While not all soils need regular fertilizing, applying fertilizer occasionally to young trees until they establish themselves may come in handy. That said, you should only add fertilizer to poorly growing trees or those with yellowing leaves.   

Perform a soil test to confirm the condition of the soil and know the nutrients you need to guarantee a healthy tree. 

5. Prune Properly  

Pruning improves the appearance of your trees and keeps them healthy. While you may try pruning small trees, you want to leave pruning large trees to the professionals. Proper pruning requires experience and technical expertise.  

6. Protect From Pests  

Pest control, like any other part of tree maintenance and care, requires a proactive approach. Stay alert for any symptoms of infestation so you can address the issue immediately.  

Pests can wreak havoc on trees. If you need help with pest management, always seek advice from a certified arborist. Some pests won’t survive natural remedies like neem oil, while others need more aggressive control, like tree removal.  

7. Protect the Trunk  

Protect the tree’s trunk from unintentional harm, especially when you have a young tree. Weed eaters and lawnmowers, for example, may damage your trunk and eventually compromise your tree’s health. Consider installing a barrier or wrapping the trunk for added protection.  

If your trunk incurs damage, call a certified arborist to check the tree’s health and recommend the best course of action.  

8. Remove Grass  

Grass, weeds, and other unwanted growth can compete with your trees for scarce water and nutrients. Remove unwanted growth to help ensure your trees have the resources they need to grow strong and healthy.   

9. Have a Regular Tree Care Routine  

The best way to maintain healthy trees in your yard is to invest in regular maintenance. For instance, scheduling an annual tree inspection allows a certified arborist to check your tree’s overall health and advise you accordingly. 

Trust Your Local Arborists for Assistance 

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